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How to Use Outline Stickers video

How to Use Outline Stickers

Outline stickers add a nice touch to cards, but they do require some special handling. If you remove the stickers from the backer using your fingers, the oils from your fingers can cause them to lose some of their stickiness. We'll show you how to avoid this problem in this short technique video. Plus, you'll get some tips on how to work with delicate, holographic stickers.

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How to Use Outline Stickers complete video
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You supply general crafting supplies like scissors, adhesives and inks, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Kits include items like:

Star Bullet Double-sided card stock
Star Bullet Exclusive printed papers
Star Bullet Card-stock frames
Star Bullet Envelopes
Star Bullet Die-cut sheet
Star Bullet Epoxy stickers
Star Bullet Mailing labels
Star Bullet Acrylic stamps
Star Bullet Silver brads
Star Bullet Rhinestone brads
Star Bullet Ribbon

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